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About Worldclass

Your dedicated outsourcing team

Worldclass is a global on-demand outsourcing platform. We are committed to providing the perfect online outsourcing experience. Our goal is to bring the world’s talent together on one platform. With Worldclass, outsourcing is the way it should be: easy, fast and affordable.


Global talent network

With an ever-growing staff of currently over 1400 highly experienced professionals, we are always able to match you with exactly the right talent for your project. We provide a transparent and cost-effective outsourcing service that delivers maximum results for your budget, whatever the scale.

All our staff members are recruited and employed by us directly and work in our local offices, along with our seasoned senior managers. This allows us to guarantee extremely high quality work for affordable prices.


We invest in people

We put our staff first and at the core of every business decision we make. Our team members are the lifeblood of not only our company but of yours as well. Great teams make ideas and businesses flourish.

Our main objective is to invest in people and create awesome work environments. We believe that thriving teams can build amazing things. With happy staff members, our customers will be happy, too.


How we make a difference

We take pride in looking after our staff by paying wages that are well above award rates and providing them with ongoing training and education to help make them top professionals in their respective fields. This in turn helps our staff to feel valued, and improves both work output and work ethic. As a result, our skilled team members work fast, smart and efficiently.

Some members of our Customer Success Team.

Worldclass’s vision
To connect businesses around the world with great talent to make projects and ideas succeed.

Worldclass’s mission
To help people grow their business and have better lives.

Worldclass’s values
Transparency and honesty.
Put our community first.
Build amazing teams.

You don’t build a business. You build people, and then people build the business.

– Zig Ziglar

Trusted by great companies

Some companies our talented workforce has worked for.

My experience with Worldclass has been a blast so far. Starting a new project was super easy and until now I have been very impressed with the services provided. I would definitely recommend them!

Michael Lee

SM Marketing Inc.

I’ve tried outsourcing a lot of times with freelancers on Upwork and, but I didn’t like the experience at all. I can honestly say that Worldclass has been the best and most affordable option I’ve seen.

Hanna Roberts

Flores Trading Group LLC

I highly recommend Worldclass to anyone that regularly outsources work. Their team is great and they have always delivered amazing work. Personally, I really like how consistently reliable Worldclass is.

Ralph Porter

Cambridge Consultants