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How it works

The best remote talent without the hassle

Through our on-demand platform, you can easily hire and work with remote staff. Our easy-to-use platform, highly qualified staff and and money-back guarantee make outsourcing super straightforward and completely risk-free.

Whether you want to outsource just a few hours of work or you need a team of 10 full-time dedicated professionals, Worldclass has the right talent for your project. We have the processes and management in place to deliver top notch results at affordable prices.

Hire top quality remote workers in 3 easy steps

Through our platform, you can easily hire affordable, highly skilled remote staff. All our remote workers are employed and managed by us directly, so projects can get started quickly and the quality is guaranteed. Here’s how it works.


  • Start a project. Select the type of remote worker you’re looking for, select the desired skill level and weekly number of working hours. Briefly describe your project.
  • After placing your order, one of our managers will reach out to you as soon as possible to discuss your project in detail and match your project with the right remote worker. We have a talent pool of over 1400 in-house employed professionals.
  • After being connected with the best suited remote worker (with the exact knowledge and experience you’re looking for), the remote worker can usually get started within no more than 24 hours.

Easily stay on top of things

Rest assured that we monitor the remote worker on a consistent basis and provide him with all the necessary tools and training. You only pay for the hours worked on your specific project. All other costs are on us.

Worldclass has partnered up with Hubstaff, a time tracking and productivity monitoring tool that allows you to easily track the productivity and working hours of your remote workers. You’ll have access to an extensive dashboard to track what your remote worker is working on, including timesheets and automatic screenshots.

The communication with your remote worker will be done via your preferred method, such as email, Slack, Skype, etc. Depending on the size of your project, you’ll receive work updates on a weekly or daily basis. You’ll have a dedicated customer success manager who you can reach out to in case of questions or concerns.

Worldclass is changing the way companies outsource

Join 2.360+ other businesses that trust Worldclass for their outsourcing.

The drawbacks of working with freelancers

Hiring and managing freelancers through freelancer platforms comes with some challenges:

  • It’s not easy to find high-quality freelancers that work at reasonable rates
  • Finding, testing and managing the right freelance talent can take a lot of time
  • Working with freelancers comes with big scalability issues
  • Freelancer platforms have notably bad customer service and charge high fees

In short, outsourcing through freelancer platforms isn’t as easy and affordable as it should be. The results are unreliable, it is not scalable, it takes a lot of time and the costs are too variable.

Worldclass solves these challenges by providing a flexible platform through which you can hire highly qualified remote talent on an affordable, on-demand basis. Worldclass is a fresh alternative to hiring through freelancer platforms. We provide agency-quality services at freelancer prices.

Why hire through Worldclass

Here are the top reasons for companies to outsource through Worldclass:


  • We offer you a huge talent pool with exactly the right talent for virtually every project
  • Start your project with the right talent with our flexible and extensively vetted workforce
  • We can offer more affordable outsourcing than other companies because of process optimizations and economy of scale
  • Quickly scale up or down the number of remote workers depending upon your project’s needs
  • It’s risk-free: our money-back guarantee means that you’ll get a full refund if you’re not happy with the services provided.

The bottomline: Worldclass is a high-quality, risk free, on-demand outsourcing service.

Our Customer Success Team will be with you every step of the way

Worldclass provides unparalleled customer service. Here’s how our Customer Success Team helps you in every way they can:


  • Our global offices recruit and employ the best local talent, so you don’t have to do it yourself.
  • We monitor and manage remote workers to achieve the best possible results.
  • We provide our staff with shared resources and streamlined processes to help them deliver maximum results.
  • We consistently train and develop our staff members to help them become pros in their respective fields, which reflects in the work they do for you.

Experience the power of outsourcing

Try Worldclass risk-free with our money-back guarantee.

Good, fast and cheap outsourcing – it is possible

There’s a common saying in business when it comes to wanting things good, cheap and fast.

You can pick any two of them, but not the third. i.e.

You can have good and cheap, but it won’t be fast.

You can have fast and good, but it won’t be cheap.

You can have cheap and fast, but it won’t be good.

It’s as old as the hills, but it’s quite clever and does apply to an awful lot of things.

But what about outsourcing?

It probably can apply to most outsourcing providers, and to some more than others.
We genuinely believe that Worldclass has made online outsourcing good, fast and cheap.


If you outsource through Worldclass you’re guaranteed to get the quality you are looking for. We have an amazingly talented team and proven processes to deliver the best possible results. If you’re not satisfied, you’ll receive a full refund.


Worldclass is outsourcing as fast as it gets. After starting a project on our website, we’ll match you with the right talent within hours. The worker can usually start within 24 hours.


Quality service usually comes at a cost, but providing affordable outsourcing is something we strive for in everything we do. Through process optimizations and economy of scale, Worldclass is able to deliver top quality services at rates that are more affordable than most outsourcing solutions.

Good, fast and cheap outsourcing – Worldclass makes it possible

Frequently asked questions

Is Worldclass like Upwork? Do your employees work from their homes?

No, we are not like Upwork or any other freelancing websites. You hire remote workers from us, starting at just 10 hours per week, who work exclusively for you from our professional, well-equipped and supervised offices. All remote workers are recruited, employed and managed by us directly.

Can I choose my own remote worker?

No. Part of our service is that our specialists take care of the entire matching process and select the most suitable remote worker for your project based on a wide variety of factors. This saves you a lot of time and effort. We have an extensive, proven process to identify the right talent from our workforce. Our matching success rate is near pefect.

How does the matching process work?
With Worldclass, you do not have to take on the daunting task of finding a reliable, remote worker for your project. We have an extensive talent pool of in-house employed remote workers. When you start a project on our website, you can briefly describe your project. After placing an order, one of our customer success managers will get in touch with you to discuss your project in more detail. Sometimes, we schedule a call to discuss what you’re looking for specifically. After fully understanding your project, the customer success manager will match your project with exactly the right talent.
Will the remote worker be employed by me or by you?
Your remote worker is legally employed by Worldclass but works directly and exclusively for you from our supervised, fully-functional offices in the Philippines. In addition to training and supervision, we take care of all non-work related issues, such as HR, payroll, taxes, hardware and software, legal issues, IT support, etcetera.
Can I see work samples?

Of course! We would love to show you some highly relevant work samples specific to what you are looking for. Please get in touch via live chat or schedule a free demo call.

How do I communicate with my remote worker?
The communication will be done via your preferred communication method, e.g. email, Slack, Skype, etc.
Do I get a dedicated worker or will I have different workers?
The choice is yours. You can choose to have a dedicated remote worker who works exclusively for you for the amount of hours of your subscription or you can have multiple workers (with different skills) for the same amount of hours.
How soon can a remote worker start on my project?
Most of the times, the matching process takes less than 24 hours after placing your order. Within usually no more than another 24 hours the remote worker can start on your project.
How does the billing work?

Worldclass is a pre-paid service, which means that you pay before the remote worker starts working. We have a weekly subscription model. Every week you get charged for a predetermined number of working hours. The weekly price is based on the selected skill level and the number of working hours. You can upgrade or downgrade both the skill level and the number of hours every week. We don’t work with contracts or long-term commitments, so you can cancel your subscription at any time.

What happens to any unused hours?
If you have a subscription with Worldclass for a specific amount of working hours per week and not all hours are used (e.g. because the work has been finished faster than expected), these hours will roll over to the next week. This policy ensures that all hours that you purchase are used for current or future projects.
What if I am not happy with any services provided?
All projects come with a money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the services provided, you’ll receive a full refund.

Do you have more questions? Please schedule a free demo call.